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January 20, 2021

A few months ago I released Fascist Utopia, a project whose cover depicted an apocalyptically saccharine hellscape of state-enforced "harmony" and "good will". That the cover depicted a decidedly Trump-esque figure was of minor consequence to me, the central point, of the hypocrisy of a society more interested in surface level appearances than material substance, had been made. Now, with Trump no longer able to function as scapegoat for our troubles as a society, it felt only fitting to replace his likeness within the Fascist Utopia with our new Dear Leader, and remind the world that though the faces may change, the lies we are told by institutional power remain the same. I'm celebrating this occasion (and the launch of this website) with the release of a new single "Obedience Training" which should be available now on all DSPs as well as the full Fascist Utopia: Regime Change edition available on Bandcamp.



January 20, 2021

The necessity to consolidate my content into a singular online destination made itself known, and here we are. I'm glad you showed up. This will be the first place to check for all future Spaceman related things, music, videos, merchandise, or whatever else I feel like putting out. Hopefully we can keep this interesting.

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